We provide quality solutions for Efficient Talent Management in Singapore

ServiceDott, a company that is based in Singapore, offers state-of-the-art solutions for a more efficient talent management in Singapore. They provide assistance to HR and recruitment companies when it comes to acquiring top talents in various industries today.

Efficient recruitment management to acquire the talent needed by companies in Singapore today is the main goal of ServiceDott. And so, their founders, who have come from the Recruitment Industry and spent more than 20 years as leaders in business development and technology innovation, made use of their experience and extensive knowledge of the latest market trends, recruitment practices, and candidate management, to come up with a cutting-edge recruitment software system that will help industries find the ideal talents that are worth nurturing.

And thanks to ServiceDott’s efforts in making state-of-the-art technology for easier recruitment management, they have come up with the DM Recruit, the revolutionary HR software that is now making wonders in the Recruitment Industry. Thanks to this innovative and efficient recruitment software, talent management has become a lot faster and better for many firms in Singapore today.

DM Recruit is a powerful, intelligent, and efficient tool in hiring management systems today. This cloud-based recruitment system software has become famous for improving talent management system in Singapore today. Thanks to its advanced features, it has become a lot easier for HR and recruitment firms to find the talent that they have been looking for. It is also versatile, so various organizations can use it for easier talent management.

The HR software comes with a variety of features, among which would be its combination of ATS and CRM platforms. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) enables electronic handling of recruitment. With this platform, you can have job postings to the company website as well as in social media. Simply put, users will have an online recruitment system that makes job advertising a lot easier.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a platform that is designed to manage customer interaction. It is designed to improve business relationships by organizing the client’s information, enabling users to appropriately analyze their needs. This lets them find the candidates with the appropriate talent which the clientele wanted. Other features of the DM Recruit include a built-in Candidate Management System, as well as automation of the mass recruitment process for a more efficient recruitment. DM Recruit is built with a great variety of features that enables HR and recruitment agencies to be able to analyze and acquire talent.

ServiceDott is the expert when it comes to innovative HR solutions which companies all over Singapore need nowadays. They are the country’s leading partner in finding talent that is truly worth nurturing.

About ServiceDott Pte Ltd

ServiceDott Pte Ltd is a company founded by people who have spent more than 20 years in spearheading business development and technology innovation. The company was established with the goal of developing technology that will make candidate management easier. With their HR software and various recruitment management system, they help industries find he right Talent to hire and nurture.

To know more about ServiceDott, you may visit their website: http://servicedott.com/.