ServiceDott participates in Talent Management Asia 2016


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Being able to adapt to changes in the workforce and workplace, to aim for innovative solutions when managing talent, and to let go of old biases are the three cornerstones for success for HR leaders today. This was the recurring message highlighted at Asia’s leading HR strategy conference, Talent Management Asia 2016 in Singapore.

ServiceDott signed on as a sponsor of Talent Management Asia 2016.Talent Management Asia 2016 is a two-day regional conference held in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in March 2016. The annual event is attended by regional HR leaders and senior HR specialists from the biggest employers in Asia.

Our Director & Vice President, Mr. Suresh Kalpathy participated as a panelist and shared his views on the solutions to be provided to the problem in hand which is the need of seamless talent management experience.

“The increasing volume of business is leading to an ever increasing need for talent in organizations. However line managers and HR recruiters are continuously grappling with several tasks – job requisitions, candidate resumes, advertisements, interviews and feedback.” he said.

Providing a solution, he introduced DM Recruit, an innovative and powerful application which helps organizations streamline their entire recruitment processes – from job creation, advertising and publishing to candidate resume capture, filtering, interviewing and hiring.

Whether it is agencies or corporates, DM Recruit tackles ongoing challenges of productivity, cost and time through innovative ease of use and integration capabilities. It also incorporates corporate line managers within the recruitment cycle, paving the way for improved talent acquisition.

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