Human Resources Forecasts 2016

People as priority:

Gone are those days when the HR systems were bought with the sole objective of keeping records for future. In today’s advanced corporate world, employees are considered to be the key resources and the investments are made in the systems which helps employees to streamline their work and increase their work efficiency.

Customer First:

The time has arrived where HR will need to change the way they indulge themselves with their current and prospective employees. Born and raised in the age of the Internet, millennials expect contemporary consumer experiences from technology. The result will be increasing technology solutions that present customer like experiences along with feedback mechanism, simple and immediate ways to get the information or to complete simple transactions.

Mobile phone First

The mobile revolution has become inevitable. With the increasing usage of smartphones, mobile will become the core medium for the HR Technology platform for the future.

Decisions on the basis of data reports and dashboards

The senior management at most of the companies believe that it is essential for HR workforce to work and know the analytics to drive their decisions faster and take effective actions. Infact, all the annual HR feedback forms, surveys, questionnaires will come onto the HR platforms soon which will give real time insight to what employees really want.